Public Collection Commissioned Work

Reclaimed wood, wood, plywood, hardware, paint, lacquer

144" x 72" x 24" 

The Public Collection (2015) is a public art and literacy project developed by Rachel M. Simon to improve literacy, foster a deeper appreciation of the arts, and raise awareness for education and social justice in our community.

Through a curated process, Indiana-based artists were commissioned to design unique book share stations or lending libraries that are installed in public spaces around Indianapolis. Each book share station holds a varied selection of books for diverse audiences and age groups. The Public Collection stations are free and available to everyone. Passersby can borrow and return books at their leisure. Books are supplied and stocked by the Indianapolis Public Library.  

My site is the beautiful Eskenazi Health Hospital, Faculty Office Building.  Many thanks to Rachel Simon, The Public Collection and the folks at Eskenazi Health for letting me participate in such a remarkable project.